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Marketing Audit of the Website

Today many companies go into the fact that their websites don't help him earn money, and even cause losses. There are a lot of reasons for this, among them are: lack of visitors, inconvenient interface, low rating in searching systems. All these problems are prone to decision, but at first you should find out what prevents your website from bringing in return. Unfortunately, the owners of sites are rarely capable to fond out the real reason by themselves. Marketing audit will certainly help you in such a case. Such a way of research includes deep study of the website and finding out the reasons for its misfortunes.

SEO-audit gives the answer on how popular your site is with searching systems. This research is efficient when you know that the reason for all your failures is few visitors. SEO-audit will help you increase the rating, expand customer base and cut down expenses on promotion.
After the analyses you will get a detailed report on the work that contains recommendations on improving your website. All the reports are written only on careful study of each page. The following table will help you understand what kind of audit personally you need.

  SEO audit Marketing audit
Analyses is a study based on The reaction of searching systems Marketing and the reaction of searching systems
The aim is to work out recommendations on Increasing the number of visitors Increasing the attendance and the effectiveness
Tools General technical audit (analyses of web server failures, analyses of the information displayed for 404 failure, check of the headings, etc.)
Analyses of the current strategy of promotion (tags, headings, internal links accuracy, key words, check on the use of prohibited ways of promotion, etc.)
Study of the current position in searching systems (check of registration in Yandex.Catalogue, Aport, …, check of the indexed pages and the number of external links, etc.)
Analyses of competition in the area
  Estimating the design (domain name, first impression, perception, design, navigation, presence of advertisements, etc.)
  Analyzing the quality of the contents (amount, utility, possibility of looking through, etc.)
 Analyses of rivals (website design, presence of on-line services, web-innovations, etc.)
Who it is for For the companies that have their own marketing and promotion departments, for analyses of their work and estimating the efficiency, and also for choosing the optimal promoting strategy
For the companies that are only going to advertise and promote their Internet resources, and want to carry out a number of events to increase the quality of the website
For the companies that want to develop their website and reconstruct it competently
For the companies that consider our prices for promoting websites prohibitive. In this case, the suggested strategy can be followed by the company itself or with the help of third-party specialists
For the companies that work in high-competition areas and are ready to base on individual offers to reach the highest sales
For the companies that find it difficult to choose key words for promotion, don’t know what result is possible and don’t a have clear idea of competition For the companies that have already estimated the effectiveness of site promotion and want to increase the efficiency of the resource with the help of non-searching factors

Carrying out the audit takes about 10 working days.
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