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Software Development

Webis Group specialises in custom software development and integrating of innovative software solutions.

Among our successfully deployed software projects are:

  • WeBiz advertising system created for streamlining work of SEO specialists.
    Basic features:
    • easy link exchange;
    • monitoring of reciprocal links;
    • analysis of website postions and their movements in search engine output;

  • Job portal software allows to automate the job company business.
    Basic features:
    • easily customizeable registry of professions, job types and locations;
    • personal area for employers and candidates;
    • automated billing, several service plans;
    • publshing jobs and CVs via the user's personal area;
    • powerful search feature for jobs and CVs;
    • publishing replies for jobs and CVs;
    • managing a list of operators for each registered employer;
    • protection from automated registrations.

  • Software for managing municipal auctions helps the auctioneer to automate calculations involved in placing municipal orders via auctions. The software is standalone, optimized for the specifics of the process. It has a very clean and easy user interface.

  • Online Consultancy System is designed to automate the process of online communication between company specialists and potential clients. It is optimal for widespread companies or companies operating on widespread markets.
    Basic features:
    • arranging the enquiries (tickets) by topics;
    • assigning the tickets to available support operators;
    • tracking the messages history for every ticket;
    • attaching files to messages in tickets;
    • automated control of ticket finishing time;
    • email notifications for user and operator on new messages.

  • Abante CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most efficient solutions for managing the website of any profile and any complexity level. Abante CMS is a constantly evolving system, robust, flexible, powerful and very easy to use.
    Basic features of Abante CMS:
    • managing website structure of any complexity and size;
    • easy and instant management of web pages: adding, editing, removing;
    • running the automated news archive and events calendar;
    • uploading files and inserting into pages, automatic file format detection;
    • managing pairs of files like "small image / big image", automated management of photo galleries;
    • running the product catalogue of any size and structure;
    • streamlining the processing of orders from the website;
    • ease of search engine optimization: "readable" page URLs, fine tuning of META tags;
    • flexible functionality for registered users: personal areas, accessing private information etc.;
    • easy support for multi-language websites;
    • automatically generated menu and site map; full-text website search;
    • managing privileges for website operators;
    • a set of parameters for fine tuning of the website..

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