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Website support

It is obvious that during using a website sometimes changes have to be made. Our company offers you help in changing and maintaining sites.

Maintenance includes:
Technical maintenance (providing the right functioning of the technical part of the resource, maintenance of domains and hosts, changing design and structure, anti-virus, etc.) Information maintenance (adding information to your site, corrections in the present contents)

Carrying out maintenance
The works on optimization a website are started with your letter, in which you should tell us what the supposed changes are. The more exactly you formulate the works, the better and more quickly we will do the job. The changes will be seen right the next day.

Cost of the works
The cost of the work depends on the time and force it takes. Due to an understandable system of counting the final cost and monthly reports you will simply control your money. The cost of the service 'Website maintenance' is defined individually depending on the amount of work. In order to define the required budget of maintenance, call our consultant.

Order of the service
To order the service 'Website maintenance', please, call our specialist. He will help you formulate the list of the works and define the optimal cost of the service.

We offer:

  • Changing the contents
  • Dealing with images, tables and text
  • Changing the design
  • Reprogramming the website
  • Checking the technical options
  • Protecting from viruses
  • Saving copies
  • Consulting on all the questions referred to websites.

Call our specialist right now or fill in the form , and soon the Internet will be a useful tool to promote your business.