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Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With more than 70,000 employees in approximately 80 countries, the company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the field.
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Russian Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)
Russian Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) incorporates three national TV channels: "Rossiya", "Kultura" and "Sport" as well as "Bibigon" kids channel, 89 regional broadcasting companies, "Vesti" 24 hours news channel, "RTR Planeta" world broadcasting channel", Euronews Russia and "Rossiya" state web channel that unites over 20 web sites.
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5th Avenue Mall
"5th Avenue" shopping and entertainment center is one of the coziest trade centers of Schyukino district of Moscow. It incorporates over 120 shops, six hall cinema, game center, pool club, kids' club, food court and supermarket. Three floors of the center offer a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, services and entertainment for every taste. Here you can do all your necessary purchases and enjoy your time with your friends and family.
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Q-MATIC is a provider of electronic Customer Flow Management solutions from Sweden. Its hardware and software solutions help making the client service more efficient.
Q-MATIC is a world leader in creating electronic queue management systems, having made over 40 000 deployments over the world. Company's representatives work in more than 110 countries.
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Drofa Publishing House
Drofa Publishing House has been publishing books for all levels of education in Russia (pre-school, school, professional and higher education) for more than 20 years. Yearly circulation of books consists of an average of 40 million issues. Drofa's books make 25% of the Russian Federal list of educational books issued by the Ministry of Education and Schience.
Over 6 000 authors cooperate with the publishing house, including widely known scientists, teachers, methodists and psychologists.
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Leonid Tyagachov Alpine Skiing Club
Leonid Tyagachov Alpine Skiing Club is the base for amateur skiers and snowboarders as well as for training of Russia's olympic teams. The club is leader in the alpine skiing industry of the Moscow region, it offers wide range of winter and summer activities and fitness.
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Fix Price
Fix Price is a network of convenience stores offering a wide variety of useful goods for famiy needs at a single fixed low price. The main advantage of Fix Price shops is: convenient locations and lowest prices as a result of efficient reduction of expenses and use of modern technologies for resources and logistics planning.
The network currently consists of over 380 active shops over Russia and is constantly growing.
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Ecolean is a Swedish developer, manufacturer and supplier of technological equipment for "jug" packaging, a unique solution for manufacturers of milk and other beverages. The company operates in the Russian market since 1998. The clients base consists of well known milk manufacturers such as Molwest, Unimilk, Lactis, Davlekanovo and many others.
Light Ecolean packaging perfectly replaces heavier packaging types. Ecolean package is 50-60% lighter than traditional cardboard packagings or bottles for liquit food products. Minimal use of raw materals helps to reduce power consumption during production, streamline the transportation and recycling.
Package design.
Iris Office Center
Iris Office Center is a class B business center which meets the requirements of the most demanding leaseholders and offers office rentals directly from the property owner.
The center is a building with thoroughly planned architecture, convenient office spaces and advanced infrastructure. Iris Congress Hotel, located nearby, offers additional services such as lunches, fitness, bank services, 24x7 guarded surface and underground parking and accommodations at special prices close to office location.
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Sofrino Bank
Sofrino Bank works in Russia since 1994. It is a modern and versatile bank with a wide variety of financial services for businesses and individuals. The bank keeps working on its products and special offers and takes active part in socially important and charity projects. It was awarded the National Bank Prize for the most significant charity programmes in 2006.
Sofrino Bank is one of the largest Russian banks by the size of the equity of 270.1 million rubles (approx. 9 million US dollars).
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Atlantis Yachts
Atlantis Yachts by Azimut-Benetti Group uncover an unbelievable world of new discoveries, luxury and freedom filled with innovations, technologies and most advanced developments in yachts construction.
Atlantis Yachts offer the absolute quality, innovative design, modern production facility and exclusive service. For owners this means the confidence on a perfect choice.
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Kenigsberg is the manufacturer of exclusive home and office furniture.
Site development, website promotion, creation of banners, paper design.
Non-Olympic Games
Non-Olympic Games is the first and best known boardshop network in Russia. Here you can always buy snowboards, skateboards, sportswear and lots more.
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Ural Scrap Metal Company
Ural Scrap Metal Company is a part of Metalloinvest, one of the leading metallurgy holding companies in Russia. It operates with purchasing, processing and supply of metal scrap to metallurgy plants.
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Pohjan Koti
Pohjan Koti, running under Nordic House brand, is one of the leading manufacturers of timber panel houses in the world. The company is well known for the quality and cost-efficiency of its products. Pohjan Koti manufactures and supplies single family houses for regional construction, town houses and infrastructural houses (hotels, kindergartens, schools, hangars).
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ROSINOX Group is a multi-holding company, incorporating specialized companies working in the field of complex equipment of restaurants, cafes and bars. Its clients are Planet Sushi, Tinkoff, Holliday Inn, Crossroads, MTS, Sbarro, TGI Friday's, Heliopark and many others.
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Dubna International University
Dubna International University is located in Moscow Region, Russia. It is one of the most advanced young universities with strong international cooperation.
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Dmitry Koldun
Dmitry Koldun is a well-known pop and rock singer, winner of Russia's "Star Factory" show, finalist of Eurovision 2007.
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Northwest Development Company
Northwest Development Company is one of the leading developers in the real estate market of Moscow. The company specializes in development of land near Moscow.
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Kochmeister RUS represents its German parent company in the Russian market of butter and fat products. Today the company runs three major industrial and agricultural units. Oly the most advanced technologies and equipment is used for production.
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Central Russia Credit Union Association
The Central Russia Credit Union Association is a part of an international network of credit unions merging credit unions and cooperatives from around the world.
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Raptika is one of the leaders in the market of production of fish delicacies in Russia. The company extensively uses advanced technologies and stringent quality control, which allows it to be justifiably proud of their products.
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DMZ-Kamov JSC has more than 65 years of successful experience on aviation and rocketry market in cooperation with the leading engineering companies in Russia. The company's specialists have participated in development and production of Mig-25 fighters, Moskit missile, X-22 and X-55 missiles and over 30 other types of aircraft and missiles of different classes.
Paper design, production design.
«Smolentsev and Partners»
«SMOLENTSEV and Partners» International Corporation performs investment and management consulting, training and international investment projects.
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AS Navigator
AS Navigator is a market leader of office furniture the Moscow region. The company specializes in the production and marketing of the entire spectrum of office furniture - from equipment for industrial facilities to elite furniture for the top management.
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Paralleli Group
Paralleli Group specialises in vending textiles, textile products for restaurants, cafes and hotels.
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Elit-Gold is the manufacturer of refined sugar. It uses the European equipment that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, which is the guarantor of the highest quality. Certified products of Elit-Gold are offered in the major trading networks.
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Bely Gorod Publishing House
Bely Gorod ("White Town") Publishing House was established in 1996 and has entered the Top 20 Russian publishing houses 3 years after. It is aimed at "keeping the Russian cultural traditions and handing them to our descendants" and has earned admiration of millions of readers and respect of its partners through the years of its work.
The main topics for the publishing house have always been the Russian and world culture, art and history. The books always have plenty of colored illustrations, replications of pieces of art, helping the readers to enter the special world of art.
Development of a web portal, website support.
Business Aviation Ltd.
Business Aviation Ltd., established in 2001, provides VIP and business flights worldwide. High skills of the employees, speed and privacy of service were achieved as a result of many years of work on business aviation market.
The planes crew have the highest aviation qualification and are admitted to perform flights in the conditions of the Far North. Passengers are served by air stewards with special training and vast experience of VIP passenger service.
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Pravdinsk Geological Prospecting Expedition
Established in 1964, Pravdinsk Geological Prospecting Expedition is based in Gornopravdinsk, Tyumen region, Russia. Since established, 58 fields have been discovered by the Expedition.
Own production facilities and research staff allows to perform prospecting of carbohydrate fields on the Expedition's own devices. Its main clients are the core oil and gas companies working in the region of Western Siberia.
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Delta Plaza
Delta Plaza business center, located in Taganka district of Moscow, perfectly combines the practicality, comfort and impressive design.
Open spaces from 2 400 to 2 650 sq.m., custom design of halls and common spaces using modern finishing materials, advanced engineering systems and building management uphold the top level of quality for residents and allow the lessees to concentrate on their successful business.
Website development.
Chupa Chups
The Chupa-Chups brand was founded in Spain in 1958. The iconic Chupa Chups logo, well known for many years, was invented personally by Salvador Dali.
Bright and joyful brand, unlikely, attractive and intriguing, it was originally different from the competitors and achieved universal popularity.
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Anons Kitchen Factory
Anons factory is one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Russia, working since 1999. Nowadays Anons is a large production company, keeping its leading positions in the furniture market. The production facility is packed with the advanced equipment by the leading world manufacturers, thus helping to keep the ecology itact.
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Mariinsky Label
Mariinsky Recording Label was founded by Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre in spring of 2009. This initiative is unique for Russia. The CDs are recorded in the acoustically perfect Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall using the most advanced recording equipment. Creating its own recording label provided the possibility for listeners around the world to listen to the best pieces of music art by the Mariinsky Theatre performers. All records are available for purchase in the leading world online stores, such as iTunes, eMusic and Amazon, thus expanding the Theatre audience to millions of people.
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Moscow Easter Festival
Moscow Easter Festival is one of the brightest annual cultural events held in Russia and other countries. It was established in 2002 with support from the Government of Moscow, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Orthodox Church. Valery Gergiev is the Art director of the Festival.
In 2012, 150 concerts were held during 25 days of the Festival in Russia and abroad.
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Arts of Furniture Ltd., running under Homesegreto brand, is an official Russian distributor of the leading Italian furniture manufacturers, such as FRANCESCO PASI, CAVIO, VRINEL, VITTORIA ORLANDI, as well as the Romanian manufacturer MONTE CRISTO MOBILI and brands like PM4, HOMEBEBE,VENETTA SEDIE, CARPANESE, BRUNO PIOMBINI, STELLA del MOBILE and several others.
The company specialises in vending of quality furniture of middle, middle high and high pricing segments.
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Red Nick and the Wonder Workshop
Red Nick and the Wonder Workshop is a spectacular new year family show with a lot of special effects, panoramic projections, incredible circus, original music score and huge magical toys, unbeatable by technical complexity by anything in Russia. A good and touching story about a new year wonder for kids and adults, delivered with the most advanced technologies.
Unique combination of circus shows, live music and fascinating video projections turned the Olimpiyskiy arena in Moscow into the world of fantastic reality. This grand show was created by a team of professionals with a huge experience in creating shows in Europe, Canada and USA.
Development of promo website, website support.
Dubna Special Economic Zone
Technological Innovation Special Economic Zone "Dubna" was established in the territory of Dubna, Moscow region by RF Government Decree #781 of December 21, 2005.
Special Economic Zones of Technological Innovation Type are set up for increase of Russian market share in international markets of hi-tech products and machinery development for concentration of intellectual assets and other resources for solutions of priority tasks in S&T sphere in modern conditions and in definite territory.
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Nibe (running under Contura brand) is the Swedish manufacturer of high quality fireplaces. The production is done on the top advanced facility in Sweden. All fireplaces are run through the most comprehensive quality control. The company's products are sold widely in Europe and are highly valued for their perfect design, high energy efficiency, environment friendliness and top quality.
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