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SEO copywriting is a special way of creating and editing text. SEO copywriting allows increasing the rating of a website in the searching results and keeping the positions for a long time. The purpose of copywriting is to write a text that is simple and understandable for a user and at the same time contains a definite number of keywords used in search. Thus, SEO copywriting solves three problems at once: making the information easy to understand, increasing the website ranking and advertising of products and services.

SEO copywriting involves changing a text in order to make it suitable for a search request. In this case, formatting, adding tags and links is used. SEO copywriting is a key element of website optimization. Copywriting is also useful for website ranking by means of adding specially titled links into the text.

The purposes of SEO copywriting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires not only the knowledge of search engines specifications but also the promoter's creativity. The base of SEO copywriting is the method of adding keywords into the text in the way that does not to allow visitors to understand that the text is aimed not only at them, but also at search engines. The idea is that a usual text can only inform a reader about a product of service, however, it is usually quite inefficient. It is obvious that it would be a lot more productive to include some parts that attract new visitors. And that is what SEO copywriting is created for.

SEO copywriting tools

Of course, there is no recipe suitable for everyone, because all the texts are unique. Moreover, the requirements of search engines can differ. Nevertheless, there are some demands that always guarantee positive effect despite all the external factors. Apart from following common rules, special guidelines are developed for every text according to the area of using, the quality of the draft and so on. SEO copywriting methods are: limiting the text size, composing an interesting snippet, emphasizing keywords, separating text into paragraphs and many other things which are rarely in focus. The main demand is for the text to be easy and contain a certain number of keywords. Webis Group offers professional SEO copywriting services by highly experienced specialists. We have great experience of promoting websites in Russia as well as abroad. We will compose for you:

  • Unique contents of the website,
  • Press releases and advertising articles,
  • Advertising slogans,
  • Other texts using SEO copywriting methods.
In addition to that, we will carry out a professional website audit, provide technical and informational service, translate texts into different languages and ensure copyright protection in the Internet. 

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