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3D modelling

Our specialists will create 3D models of buildings, landscapes, characters and other objects for you.

3D game models

Computer games nowadays are an inevitable part of our life. They help escape from everyday life and relax. Games are based on computer graphics, which is now used in advertising. Graphics and animation allow creating characters that cannot sometimes be made with real video. It makes computer graphics a powerful tool of advertising.

Often developers have no time to create detailed 3D models. They are more interested in creating a plot, working at characters and gameplay. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that professionally created models make even stronger impression. That's why Webis Group offers you creating various models for any objects. Our specialists will develop a model according to your patterns or themselves taking into account your wishes. We will pay attention to every detail of the model. You will be able to choose any of the existing formats and technologies of 3D-modeling.

Realistic 3D models

Realistic 3D models, at the first sight, have no difference with a photo. However, just like any graphic object, they have a number of advantages. For example, such model will perform anything that you wish. An important advantage of models is that you will be able to promote a product even before it appears. It will allow you to find new investors and attract more costumers. Moreover, you will save time being able to show a product to a possible costumer. For example, if you sell apartments, you will be able to show the planning without going to live demonstrations.

We will create realistic 3D models for you and animate them in the way you like it.

Architectural modeling

Sometimes one promo reel can create a better impression than thousands of drawings and business plans, because not everyone is able to understand the details of architecture and finance planning. It is often quite difficult to explain why the customer's ideas are impossible to be embodied. That's why 3D models are inevitable in architecture and interior design. Using architectural models you will be able to adjust the details, make changes and use architectural animation.

Architectural modeling allows us to see how a yet non-existent building will look like, and architectural animation will take you on an excursion to a future flat or even a whole district. Our specialists will develop high-quality architectural models of any object and create promo reels of various projected objects using architectural animation. We work with all kinds of source materials, whether it is a drawing or your idea.

Interior visualization

Interior visualization is the most often used branch of architectural visualization. It is used by designers, artists and everyone who wants to change the interior.

Some designers are still using expensive and inconvenient paper models, and are sometimes trying to explain their ideas orally. Unfortunately, such approach leads to misunderstanding of the project. These are 3D interior models that help avoid such unpleasant consequences. Interior visualization is based on creating a model of the premises, which can be filled with different things and colors.

The main advantage of such models is the ability to be changed as much as one likes, which is impossible when using paper models and drawings. In addition, you will be able to present your ideas almost momentarily, as editing such a model doesn't take much time.
Architectural animation will amplify the impression. A virtual excursion will leave no further misunderstanding of your ideas and give the answer whether to continue working at your project or start implementing it.

Webis Group specialists will develop realistic models of interiors of apartments, houses, offices and other objects using drawings of a client and their own developments, make a virtual excursion to the interior.

Designing sales areas

There is such a branch of creating interiors as designing sales areas. However, it is not as simple as it may seem. While designing outlets, not only the architectural component is taken into account. Marketers, merchandisers and other specialists also take part in the process. Moreover, sales areas require frequent changing.

The main purpose of the design is to increase sales. That's why an artist should consider market laws at every step of planning. The style of the premises should be suitable for the products being sold and the disposition of trade equipment should be able to increase sales. The whole design should encourage a consumer to make a purchase.

Webis Group specialists will demonstrate the result of architects', designers' and marketers' work to the client, and virtual trips to the premises will multiply the effect. We can create models whether by your drafts or on our own. The best artists and advertisers will design the outlet, pick POS materials and suggest up-to-date trade equipment.

Exhibition stands

Exhibitions have lost their past importance lately. Really, why go somewhere if you can visit a website of a producer and look at its products? However, managers often forget about the advantages of personal communication. Moreover, exhibitions also have an obvious marketing effect. You can learn the customers' attitude to your products, their wishes and suggestions without carrying out additional researches and spending time.

A lot of companies present their service at exhibitions; consequently, you will have to stand out of the crowd with you original ideas. Webis Group suggests several ways to solve the problem.

First of all, design of the stand. The brighter and easier to remember it is, the more clients you will attract. Besides esthetic qualities, such stands cost less. Standard stands are rarely much cheaper than custom-built ones, while the latter remain the company's identity forever and can be used in the further shows. Our specialist will find a creative decision for your company and embody it using the best materials.

If you believe that a stand is not enough, professional designers will develop multimedia presentations and promo reels as well.

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