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Legal information

Webis Group claims its copyright on all information presented on this website, excluding information that is a legal property of other owners, which is claimed in each particular occurrence.The above 'information' consists of, but is not limited to:

  • static and dynamic page code;
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  • icons and logos;
  • appearance and layout of web pages and their elements;
  • other forms of graphic, text, audio and video information presented on this website.

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Service Provision Policy
No contract will subsist between the client and Webis Group for the sale of any product or service before acceptance of an order by Webis Group. An email confirmation issued to the client on acceptance of an order shall be deemed to be complete and effective communication to the client. The contract shall be deemed to have been concluded in the Russian Federation, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with its laws.

The client is informed about an estimate cost of order after achieving agreement on the sequence of steps that should be taken to fulfill the order, before the work commences. Nevertheless, the final order cost might be amended in case of changing the order details, if confirmed by the client.

Webis Group reserves the right to stop provision of its products and services to the client in case that the client's requirements are considered unacceptable in terms of business ethics, public morals, current legislation, political conditions or company strategy.

Webis Group is constantly improving and enhancing its products and services. Appearance of the software provided to the client corresponds to the client's requirements, if these are set. Otherwise, the appearance of the software is determined by Webis Group's corporate standards. Therefore, screenshots, demo versions and other materials describing the products listed on this website might not be fully corresponding to all copies of the software that are provided to clients.

Neither Webis Group, nor any of its representatives or employees can be held responsible for damage caused in process of using any products and services developed, including this website. The 'damage' consists of, but is not limited to information loss (damaging the data) and other business risks (missed profit, additional expenses etc.) as well as any possible risk to user's health and life (all sorts of computer-related illnesses and injuries). We assume that the visitors of this website as well as our clients are aware of possible risks of using the company's information solutions as well as risks of using the Internet and other computer technologies in general.