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Corporate Identity Development

Webis Group offers a range of services for corporate identity development. Corporate identity is a 'face' of every company; it makes it popular and recognizable. Our best copywriters will create a unique image of your company, make it famous and help to attract new customers. They will offer you original concepts that will meet all your requirements. Names, slogans, logos, stationery design, multimedia presentations, websites, etc. - this is what we can offer.

Creating a new corporate identity is a beginning of a new period of your business. You will notice it almost instantly.


Naming is a process of creation of original and easy-to-remember names of companies, products and services, and, moreover, it is making unique slogans and mottos. A right name should show the contents of a product and be easy to read and understand.
Due attention should be paid to names of products, as they are always used in development of company style, sound in advertisements. The name is the most significant feature of a product, and sometimes it is even more important than the product itself. You know, if a potential costumer isn't be able to speak out the name of a product, he isn't likely to go to the shop to buy exactly this product. The slogan is also important in forming the company's image because it shows the special features and the elements of market positioning.

Our professionals will always help you in development mottos and names of products according to specialties of Russian or foreign markets.


Logo is a picture which contains the name of a company or a product. Apart from the word 'logo', there are a lot of words in the area, and here are their definitions:

Trade mark is a name or a symbol which shows that the product was created by a private company and registered according to all the rules. It is a special combination of marks or words, and it points at the producer, but not at goods. Text trade mark contains only the name of the company in its first variant without any additions and abridgements. However, such mark is rarely memorable, as it contains no graphics.

Symbol is a graphic part of a logo. A symbol is often used without text, and sometimes it is justified. Some products don't allow using the company's full name, and then a symbol makes a product recognizable. A logo helps to promote a company a lot. It allows giving information to a consumer and making a product more recognizable. It is clear that if a product is of low quality, logo won't manage to attract customers, but it will certainly help to promote a high-quality product. In fact, a logo is a company's face.

A full team of specialists work on a logo. To create a correct logo, we should collect as much information about a company as possible: its special features, the current situation, further activities. Being fully conversant with the subject, we will be able to create a high-quality logo. It is important to mention that it's impossible to put in the logo all the features, so we should choose only the most important and attractive ones.

Webis Group designers have a great experience of designing various logos. We will create your trade mark in the shortest time.

Corporate colors and fonts

It is well-known that a person better perceives information from pictures rather than from plain text. Then, 80% of all information is shown by colors. Professionally operating with colors, you will manage to gain attention of the potential consumers.

While working with colors, you should take into consideration that different colors affect a person in different ways. Yellow or red make a person feel active, while green and blue calm a person. Moreover, you should pay attention to differences in cultures. For example, in many countries yellow is associated with mourning. To earn the biggest number of customers, you should be attentive to every nuance, and our specialists will help you do it.

The same is referred to fonts, which are involved into the company style. Some heavy fonts will irritate a client, and informal fonts will create an impression of an unserious enterprise. We will choose the most suitable colors and fonts, which will not irritate your customers and partners.

Business card

Today a business card is an inalienable and important part of communication. Using such cards, a person can provide all the necessary information about himself and his work, share contact information. A business card is not only an image subject, but also an effective way of advertising. That's way a professional approach to it is so significant. The card builds up relations between partners and creates a positive impression of the company, providing necessary information for cooperation as well.

Business cards are popular advertising tools. Their main advantage is their high efficiency along with low cost.
Webis Group offers you help in designing high-quality corporate and individual business cards. You can include any information: names, contact information, company style elements. Whatever you wish, our specialists will do their job with high quality.

Document templates

Document templates (printed forms) are formatted sheets of paper with company identification. It is designed according to the logo, trade marks and color schemes of a firm. A company blank is an inevitable part of circulation of documents which supplements with the general style. It also adds importance to the company in the business sphere. A peculiarity of a right form is that the printed logos and trade marks don't irritate a person. Moreover, a printed form should be composed in accordance with common rules concerning documents. Webis Group will create such a form, which will only help you establish relationship with your partners.

Envelopes and folders

Company envelope is the most often used element of company style. Design of envelopes and folders is quite laconic. There is a logo and contact information as well as an address block. There are envelopes of different sizes. Company folder is as well an inalienable part of corporate branding. It is a great advertisement carrier if used as a present to partners. A folder contains logos, contact information and other details. Folders, as well as envelopes, can be of different sizes and forms.

To ensure the details, contact our managers. They will help you to choose the most suitable variant and answer all your questions.


Webis Group offers design and production of leaflets, booklets and brochures. Leaflet is a sheet of paper that contains text or pictures of advertising type. Leaflets are usually printed in large numbers, distributed quickly and used only once. They can be a tool to make people know about your new products, sales and discounts and new retail outlets.

Leaflets will be indispensable at exhibitions and presentations, where it is essential to make people interested in a very short time. Booklet is a sheet of paper which contains advertisements and is folded in some times. They are usually printed on A4/A3 papers, but there are different variants. Booklets are often used in post distribution, at exhibitions and presentations. They are effective paper advertisements. High self-descriptiveness together with low costs make booklets one of the most popular advertising tools. Brochure is a small vivid book with advertisements.

The advantage of a brochure is that it can contain much more information than booklets and leaflets. Thus, using brochures, you will be able to tell more about your product and attract more customers. We will design paper advertisements while working out your corporate style. We will take into consideration all your wishes to create a really high-quality product.

Multimedia presentation

Multimedia presentation is an efficient way of presenting information. Really, visual patterns shave always affected a person more than text, and in combination with the latest technology it is possible to multiply the effect. Today it is convenient to distribute information in digital forms, and a lot of advertisers use this fact actively.

We offer development of multimedia advertisements. Most often the base of such advertising is an animated reel which briefly tells about a company and products. The presentation can be supplemented with electronic catalogues, promo reels and other tools and elements of corporate style.

Printing on CD/DVD disks

Digital information carriers have become very popular and effective gadgets to promote a company. You image can also be supplemented with the carriers of multimedia presentations and promo-reels. Webis Group suggests designing CD and DVD disks with the use of your own style elements. Our specialists will help you design and print: envelopes for CD/DVD We will make an envelope out of paper or cardboard and print your logo on it inserts for CD The design is created for the cover 120x120 which is put into a standard disk box inserts for the back side of boxs booklet for CD/DVD A bright and colorful booklet is designed for all size boxes and can contain any information about your product CDs with logos We will design the disk taking into consideration all your wishes


Advertising souvenirs are things that contain information about a company and the product, they are distributed free. You can use pens, notepads, T-shirts and caps with your company's logo as souvenirs. They can help you form a positive impression on part of your consumers and partners. Souvenirs help to create a unique style and maintain it for a long time.

Webis Group cooperates with the best printing companies, and our specialists will design and print out advertising souvenirs for you.

Company website

It is impossible to create a finished image of a company without its own website. Often partners and clients get acquainted with the company through the site. Thus, you should pay enough attention to this part of the company style. It is important to reassure that the graphic part doesn't draw one's attention to itself rather than to the main contents. Moreover, the design should not disagree with the level and status of the company, and its structure ought to show its main purposes. You should also pay attention to the technical part of the site. The structure should be understandable, and the interface - friendly. As for the advertiser, it is essential to make sure that adding information to the website doesn't take much force and time.

Professional programmers and designers of Webis Group always pay attention to all these and many other aspects

Brand book

Brand book is, in fact, a list of recommendations on using and reproducing the corporate identity and its elements, and also their description. A brand book helps in communication with partners, who use their company symbols during advertising campaigns and product promotion. You will also be able to provide another company with a brand book in order to avoid improper use of your trade marks. A brand book is made individually. Every brand book has its own special features. The number of the elements can also differ. Here are usual contents of a brand book:

  • Logo
  • Possible variants of the logo's and its sizes
  • Company colors and types
  • Corporate and individual business cards
  • Company printed form
  • Company envelope
  • Company folder
  • Design of a CD

Want to learn more? Feel free to call our specialist or fill in the form to get a perfect brand identity.