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Video Production

A Promo reel is a computer or a television spot designed to graphically inform the target audience about the basic qualities and benefits of company's goods and services.

An important advantage of this advertising medium is that the promo video is not limited by time. This means that it is indispensable in the promotion of goods, all of which can not merit mention in a short television spot, which lasts about 30 seconds. Promo reel gives advertisers an opportunity to address to the most experienced viewer.

The difference between the promo reel and the multimedia presentation is that the reel is often easier to understand, it is not overloaded with information, and better directed at the emotional side of a viewer.

What we offer:

  • Creating any promo clips with your script;
  • Inclusion of 3D animation and live shots in the movie;
  • Narration by professional artists, adding music and sound effects;
  • Distribution on suitable media;
  • Creating promotional websites with video sequences.

Visualization of Technological Processes

Visualization of technological processes used to simplify understanding of complex technologies by consumers. The production is visualized in an easily perceivable form using the latest achievements in science and technology.

High technologies are used everywhere today. These are the primary tools for companies to achieve new heights in sales and marketing. However, it is not always clear how technologies can increase revenues. Sometimes customers do not understand the advantages of a product, and sometimes they do not want to use it due to fear of negative consequences. Production visualization is used to avoid such situations. It will clearly explain the consumer your products are made.

In the visualization of 3D-models are used in combination with real video.

Webis Group offers:

  • Professional quality representation of complex processes in an accessible way in a short time,
  • Incorporating 3D graphics and video,
  • Distribution on suitable media.

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