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Multimedia Presentations

Have you developed new products? Offered new services? All the new things need right introduction. This problem can be solved with the help of multimedia presentation. Its main purpose is providing actual and exact information.

Before, the main way of promoting goods was printing out leaflets and advertising booklets. However, with development of technology, the tools of advertising also vary. Promo-reels and multimedia presentations attract more and more people every day. Firstly, almost every person, not mentioning companies, has a computer. Secondly, more colorful and vivid presentations and reels allow carrying more information than paper leaflets. Moreover, watching a presentation takes less time than reading a booklet, which is increasingly important for busy people.

As far as an advertiser is concerned, the main advantage of a multimedia presentation is lower cost in comparison with paper leaflets. While the cost of the preparation is equal, presentation distribution is much cheaper. Moreover, you will always be able to make correction, which isn't possible when using booklets.

Company presentation

You company needs right introduction. And computer presentation will always help you in it. Of course, only graphics is not enough to make the needed impression, but if you supplement a manager's speech with images, you will multiply the effect.
A good presentation can form a good opinion of your company and make the ground for further relationship and negotiations. Interactivity and movement - that's what can wake a child who likes everything vivid inside all of us. Moreover, the newest tools allow say everything needed. Of course, we can find lots of programs designed for creating presentations by ourselves, but, unfortunately, the education can take a very long time and the result doesn't always meet our expectations. Webis Group offers you:

  • Creation of professional presentations in short time.
  • Using 3D, video, interactive elements.
  • Designing and printing out presentations on the suitable digital carriers.
  • Creating websites on the base of presentations.

Promo reels

Promo-reels are computer or TV reels which are aimed at giving the main advantages and features of the product to the auditory with the help of graphics. The main advantage of this advertisement carrier is that a promo-reel is not limited by time. It means that it is inalienable in advertising the goods that are not prone to description in a 30-second TV reel. A promo reel lets an advertiser make the most demanding consumer interested.
The difference between a promo reel and a multimedia presentation is that a reel is usually lighter without over-loaded with information, and is aimed at emotions. We offer:

  • Various promo reels making
  • Using 3D and video
  • Adding voice of professional broadcasters, music and noise effects
  • Creating websites based on promo reels

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