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Jewelry «Sphere»

Ювелирное изделие - сфера

The exclusive jewelry souvenir was designed for a large company. Fragments of two architectural complexes are located below the hemispheric glass dome:

  • The Moscow Kremlin - part of the Kremlin wall and the Spasskaya tower;
  • The Westminster Palace of London: the Big Ben and parts of the palace.

The clocks on the towers are static, no mechanisms included. The golden hands are set to reflect the exact time difference between Moscow and London. The base is equally divided between Moscow and London by a river crossed by a bridge, resembling the Big Stone bridge of Moscow. There are 30 diamonds in the bridge.

The Moscow Kremlin has a label saying "Moscow" in English. The Westminster palace has a label saying "London" in Russian..

The base of the souvenir is surrounded by the company's name in Russian and English.

There are 200 diamonds used in the jewel.