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Our approach to Website Development

We at Webis Group consider that the whole process of website development and maintenance can be described by dividing it into six major stages. Approach like this gives room for flexibility of adjusting our solutions for your needs:

1. Discussing the initial requirements

Imagine that you have just decided to set up a web site of your company that would meet your demands and work for the company's benefit. What is the first thing to do? How to determine what is really important?

This first stage is extremely important, because it allows the developer to get the exact impression of your company's specific activity, meanwhile allowing you to learn more about the web development issues that would matter for your business. We are sure that it is always possible to work out a project plan that would completely satisfy your needs and allow you to make the best effective investment of your resources.

Webis Group specialists are ready to consult you regarding all services that we offer and all aspects that could increase the efficiency of your web site.

2. Planning the structure and content of the future website

What is the best way to place information on the website? How can we make the navigation as easy as possible? How the visitors can be attracted? This stage is the key to the future success of a web project, and our specialists will help you with it.

The website owner should ensure that his visitors will find the information that they have come for. Small websites do not create obstacles for navigation and accessibility, but what if the website grows? Thorough planning allows to minimize the expenses.

Preparing the website content is not as easy as it seems: website is the company's face in the internet. Just like with regular advertising medium, the website can contain thousands of words, and none of them will drive the visitors' attention. However, a single correct phrase is often enough for success.

At the very beginning of the development process, Webis Group team offers you our structure and content planning services to help you and your visitors get most from your future information resource.

3. Graphic design of the website

This stage is responsible for the initial (and often main) impression that your website will make on its visitors. Even if people are not aware of your activity yet, it is very important that this impression will work for you. A good design attracts people's attention to the contents of pages. Hence, the better your website look is, the higher is the probability of turning a visitor into a loyal client of your company.

Webis Group's team of profesional web designers is ready to help you in creation of a high quality personal look for your web site. We offer you original design development, laying out the information on web pages, development of advertising banners, processing photos and videos - virtually everything that can help you distinguish your web site in the Internet.

4. Custom Programming and Software Development

Your web site could provide visitors with some services itself, in order to increase the number of visitors or to get direct income from its activity.Webis Group will develop the required software solutions for you, keeping the high quality of its products.

The core of our web projects is Webis Abante, a powerful, secure and easy-to-use website management system. Abante is targeted at maximum efficiency of website management demanding only the lowest expenses on maintenance.

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5. Deploying an Internet Advertising Campaign

Our specialists will develop the most suitable strategy and deply the website promotion campaign considering the specific requirements of your business and your clients. The result is increasing the website rankings in search engines and attracting more visitors.

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6. Website support and maintenance during lifetime

It is crucial to keep your website updated if you do not wish to lose your visitors - your potential clients.

To ensire the efficient work of the website it must live: grow, refresh, reflect the company's activity. We want our websites to be alive! If you find it difficult to target your resources on website maintenance, we can do it for you.

Website maintenance can include:

  • professional processing and preparing the content for publishing;
  • processing and publishing complex graphics and videos;
  • updating the content of website pages;
  • expanding the website structure;
  • adding new functionality;
  • adjusting the website appearance;
  • managing installed software packages;
  • collecting and analyzing the feedback and statistics from the website.

It is very important that you take care of website maintenance issues in advance, so that it does not become a problem later. Selecting Webis Group as the website developer, you will acquire the powerful and easy to use Content Management System, Abante CMS which will allow you to streamline the processes of updating your website even without knowledge of special web technologies.

Whenevery you need help with creating and updating website pages, designing new graphic elements or amending the software modules, Webis Group specialists are ready to help, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your website will be living, growing and efficiently attracting new visitors!

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