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Basic Package

Examples of Basic solutions:

AS Navigator office furniture shop

Kenigsberg elite furniture shop

New Ethnic Tattoo online store

Technoline online store

Basic e-commerce solution allows the website owner to run a product catalog containing unlimited number of items, organize them in any structure and display them on the website, describing their parameters using text, graphics, videos and tables.

Basic package is designed for optimal running of a small online store.

How Basic store works:

  1. The visitor selects his preferred items and puts them into his Shopping Cart;
  2. Total cost for the items in the Cart is calculated;
  3. The visitor adds his mailing and billing details;
  4. The website administrator is notified about a new order; another notification is emailed to the buyer;
  5. The order is processed by the administrator; a notification about the updated order status is automatically emailed to the customer.
Basic solution is optimal for small and medium enterprises to promote their offers online. It allows unlimited capabilities for growth of the website.

Features of Basic package are:

  • Managing items and categories:
    - specifying detailed parameters for each item;
    - displaying heterogenous information about each item;
    - ability to use electronic content as items for vending: audio files, video files, software keys etc.);
    - automated support for tracking item amount in stock;

  • Managing orders:
    - administrator notifications by email;
    - managing list of orders in the administrator interface;
    - managing the order status (pending, processed, etc.);
    - checking the necessary amount on stock;

  • Features for Customers:
    - plain-text search;
    - common Shopping Cart interface;
    - fast and easy checking out;
    - notifications by email.

Learn the cost of the Basic Package: contact us in the preferred way and describe your requirements and wishes. We will prepare a commercial proposal promptly.

Time of development: 3+ weeks.

Online Store development includes:

  • Creating specifications;
  • Creating the graphic design;
  • Installation of Content Management System and necessary software modules;
  • Initial population with content;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Setting up the hosting platform, launching the website;
  • Registration in major search engines;
  • Lifetime warranty and technical support.

We will gladly answer any questions regarding the development and promotion of e-commerce tools and other websites. You can always use our online order form below or call us.

Please note: apart from development of e-commerce tools we also offer services for website support and internet advertising.

If you wish to learn more about our offers for your business online or if you wish to place an order for our e-commerce product, please call us or fill in our online order form.

Basic solution is based on Abante Content Management System (CMS), own commercial product of Webis Group.

Abante CMS features rich functionality and high flexibility of solutions, allowing it to be used for web projects of any size and profile, including running online stores of various scale.

Core advantages of Abante CMS are:

  • easy management of web project;
  • security and reliability;
  • easy scalability;
  • rich functionality;
  • high performance;
  • managing the online store along with other website content: regular pages, news, mailing lists, feedback etc. - everything that is required for integrated management of the whole web project, keeping it up-to-date and efficient;
  • lifetime warranty and support.

Abante CMS is a stable system with a long list of successful deployments in multiple projects in various businesses.