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Abante CMS

Abante Content Management System (CMS) represents a new level of usability and effectiveness of running a web project. With Abante, your website becomes truly dynamic, being easily manageable and instantly displaying all changes.

The basic advantages of Abante CMS are:

  • Abante CMS is a powerful and easy to use software that allows the website owner to concentrate on business and minimize expenses of the website maintenance, without involving expensive IT professionals. 

  • Unlike most of other software, Abante CMS incorporates intuitive and easy user interface and allows fast access to efficient management of the website.

  • Abante CMS provides means for easy management of website contents and structure: add and remove website pages and sections. There is no limit to the number of pages and sub-pages in the website.

  • Abante CMS is a secure multi-user system. Website administrator can easily manage users' privileges - for example, you can assign a particular user to manage a particular page or section of the website.

  • Abante CMS is suitable for virtually any web project, regargless of its structure and appearance. When needed to change the website design, it can be done quikly and safely, without affecting the information and functionality.

  • Abante CMS allows the website to run in unlimited number of languages.

  • Websites built with Abante CMS are ready for search engine optimization and promotion, providing better search engine rankings and faster growth.
  • Abante CMS's architecture provides great opportunities for scalability: adding new features and functions is easy and fast.



Abante CMS offers a wide range of extensions to improve the website functionality. All features are designed to achieve the op efficiency and convenience of website management.

  • Management of Website Pages
    Abante allows unlimited growth of the website structure and content. Every page can contain sub-pages and as much information as needed.

  • Managing the News Archive
    News can be presented in several ways: news column on the index page (several latest teasers), full news archive categorized by calendar and topics and article with full text.

  • Running a Product Catalog
    Product catalog is organized in a hierarchical way. It can serve unlimited number of categories and items.

  • Online Ordering
    The website visitors have a common 'shopping cart' interface at their disposal. The cart automatically calculates the total order cost according to the desired algorithms, consides the discount and allows to check out. All orders are displayed in the admin interface for easy management.

  • Managing Uploaded Files
    Website administrator can upload unlimited number of images, Flash movies and other files and place them in website pages. Images and Flash movies are embedded into the page, other document types are shown as links for downloading.

  • Organizing Photo Galleries
    Website administrator can create a photo gallery based on contents of a section in Files collection. He sets the desired number of photos per page, photos per row, and Abante automatically creates a set of photos with navigation links.
  • Managing Registered Users
    Abante CMS allows the website administrator to create "private" pages that can only be seen by registered users, by a group of users or even by a single user.
  • Managing Registered Website Operators
    Website administrator can assign other operators to different sections of the website. For example, one user can be assigned to publishing news, another one to managing website orders and so on. Automatic access control is used: unauthorised operators will not be able to access sections of the website.

  • Forms
    Abante CMS allows to use custom forms for collecting information from visitors. Form data is automatically validated.

  • Managing Banners
    Abante CMS's banner management module can be easily adjusted for needs of your web project. Built-in features allow running a fully functional banner system on a website.

  • Website Navigation tools
    To increase the website usability and optimize the website for search engines, all navigation on Abante-run websites is designed to provide the maximum accessibility of all pages from any page of the website.

Abante CMS is a constantly growing system. New features are introduced, existing functions are upgraded. Abante allows the unlimited growth of your website.

If you wish to learn more about Abante CMS, please contact us. We have something special for you.