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MOTIW is a real time management system created to save your time from frequent staff conferences, organize tasks implementation control and electronic document management.

MOTIW is a professional solution for your company appealed to make your everyday work easier and more transparent.

MOTIW is a versatile web-based system suitable for company of any architecture type and scale. Run MOTIW through intra- or internet. Once deployed it can be used everywhere.

A wide range of reports will give you a full view of each employee’s activity and a whole company work.

MOTIW system is based on Tasks, Projects and Documents.

Tasks allow to:

  • monitor company work at any point,
  • create user groups,
  • control employees’ activity,
  • streamline process management.

Projects within MOTIW system give the opportunity to:

  • collaborate on work from anywhere in the world,
  • raise work productivity,
  • control all business processes within the company.

Document management system allows to:

  • reduce paper work within your company,
  • build your own route schemes,
  • organize quick and easy work with documents.

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