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Audit of an advertising campaign

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your campaign or understand why it is not as efficient as expected, the service 'Audit of an advertising campaign' is what you need.

The aim of the advertizing audit

With the help of audit you will be able to:

  • estimate the quality of your campaign;
  • understand how effectively and fully the tools are used;
  • find out new possibilities of expanding the campaign;
  • define the optimal budget and use it more economically.  

What comprises audit

The result of audit is a report which includes estimating:

  • the company's accordance to all the demands, the presence of contradictory information
  • the validity (study of the chosen adjustments and tools and their effectiveness)
  • how fully the possible tools are used
  • conformity (shows if the tools work properly)
  • accuracy (plainness of the information)

While carrying out the audit, our specialists will:

  • trace key words and their usage
  • work out recommendations on optimization the texts in order to increase their clickability
  • analyze start pages of websites and work out recommendations on their improvement
  • carry out the audit of advertising grounds
  • work out recommendations on adjusting time and geography options of advertisements
  • work out optimal budget.

Why it is essential

Despite the fact that the demand for audit is quite high in Russia, few companies provide such services. Webis Group suggests that you should track your advertising campaign with the help of our best professionals. With the help of audit you will be able to:

  • estimate the quality of marketing
  • understand if you are able to make your targets come true
  • carry out a research to define the behavior of consumers and competitors
  • find out why your advertising budget is spent so unreasonably.
Call our specialist right now or fill in the form on our website, if you want your context advertisements work for you as efficiently as possible.