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Integrated Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing it is a set of measures that that will make your site an effective sales tool. As a result of these activities, your site will attract new audience from new markets, including overseas, and will allow you to greatly increase the attractiveness of your business offers for potential clients.

Internet marketing usually involves the following measures:

  1. Increasing the website attractiveness for visitors, preparing the website for web promotion;
  2. Creating the strategy and implementing the advertizing campaign in the internet.

Increasing the website attractiveness is performed with the following basic activities:

  1. Complex audit of your website, allowing to pinpoint the website potential and its weak points as well as to develop and implement the recommendations for its improvement;
  2. Preparing the website for foreign markets.
Complex website audit provides lots of statistical information that can be used for marketing analysis of the website:
  • Search engines provide information about the level of demand: you can always see the current level of interest in the market, analyze the demand and its dynamics and forecast the future situation;
  • Website statistics system collects information about the effectiveness of attracting the target audience to the website: how many visitors have attended the website, which were their search queries, which websites drove visitors to yours, and where your visitors live.

    Such statistics allow to determine the most interesting website pages, so that we can set up special "anchors" on dedicated pages, driving more visitors and track the cost of the contact.
  • Gathering information about the number of calls and orders in the sales department helps to determine the rate of conversion of the website.
  • Advertising efficiency: number of visitors on the website by time periods;

Audit will give you the following information:

  1. Level of demand for your offers over the segments of the web;
  2. Basic searc phrases used by visitors in your market segment;
  3. Forecast for the number of visitors that you website can attract by internet advertising;
  4. Deficiencies and advantages of your website regarding its attractiveness for visitors.

    The website is analyzed for compatibility with the basic search engines, recommendations for improvements are prepared.

    From the visitor's point of view, the website is evaluated by many criteria: quality of the index page, accessibility of information, usability, quality of content and many other parameters;
  5. Recommendations for improving the website and fixing the detected flaws. We can apply the improvements for you;
  6. Cost of the website's advertising campaign.

This information will help you to estimate the profitability of investing into internet advertising.

Targeting the website to foreign and global markets

When driving the website into foreign or global market, you should consider the language specifics as well as cultural differences and the perception of the audience. The following actions are initially involved into this process:

  • Deploying different language versions for the website;
  • If the website is meant to process online orders, it is fine-tuned for streamlining the foreign orders;
  • Testing the website with focus groups.

Internet Advertising

  • Search engine promotion (increasing the website rankings for relevant search queries);
  • Setting up context advertising campaign (deploying advertisements on global advertising platforms like Google and on local platforms like Yandex or Begun in Russia);
  • Advertising on relevant websites: publishing the company's press releases, advertising in relevant communities, portals and boards;
  • Publishing relevant articles on the website.

Search Engine Promotion

  • A description of the target audience is developed, portraying the motivations and regions of residense of the visitors;
  • A list of "selling" search phrases is created, in all necessary languages. Search engine promotion can be done in any language - it is only required that the website has relevant information in the chosen languages;
  • The "weight" of the website is increased by means of purchasing external links from relevant high-ranking websites to your website;
  • The website is listed in a vast number of relevant online catalogues, thus increasing the "weight" and rankings even more;
  • Target audience and website visitors are monitored to ensure the prompt reaction for market fluctuations.

Context Advertising

  • Search phrase configuration is developed, optimally incorporating high and low frequency queries;
  • Advertising texts are created for Google and other platforms. Every text ad will point to a specially designed "landing" page that is meant to increase the conversion level;
  • Advertising campaign is launched, regular monitoring is performed to evaluate the efficiency of attraction and conversion of visitors.

Advertising with Relevant Websites

  • Creating and publishing press releases.
    Our professional copywriters will be preparing press releases on a regular basis for distribution among journalists in the web. Press releases will be broadcast via common distribution platforms with significant authority, so that journalists of regular and online media can learn about your offers. Press releases are read by a motivated audience, thus being one of the most efficient ways of promoting the company's offers.
  • Creating and maintaining discussion communities on relevant online portals and boards for particular social groups.
  • Searching for partnership with global distribution networks. This helps to farther expand the company's global market.

We are always monitoring the market and searching for new opportunities for expanding the information sphere of the company. The number of relevant resources constantly increases, nowadays including publishing company information in Wikipedia, YouTube broadcasting and many other active communities.

Publishing Relevant Articles on the Website

It is a great deal for the website to attract visitors and search engines by publishing relevant articles on its pages:

  • Company news,
  • Various articles,
  • Market analysis,
  • Other analytical publications.

Webis Group possesses sufficient experience and resources for managing a successful campaign of integrated internet marketing. Your website will be a powerful marketing instrument, helping your company to make the web one of the key entry points for its clients.

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About Webis Group

Webis Group was founded in the year 2000. Our core competence is the development and promotion of web sites. Our specialists are high skilled professionals with many years experience in this area. Our clients are private businesses, non-commercial organizations, holding companies and public companies from Russia, USA, Canada and Europe. 

Our Advantages

  • Thorough planning prior to start of work - to eliminate extra expenses and implement all required features;
  • Efficient search engine promotion and complex internet marketing: thorough strategy planning, clean HTML code, precise targeting, optimal coverage of the audience and high level of conversion;

Our basic advantage is mutual understanding during all stages of work. We will deliver everything that is needed to make a perfect result that will fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Our Clients

Our clients appreciate our creativity, initiative and professional approach at every stage, from first discussions of intentions to support and consulting during project lifetime. 

We highly value and justify the confidence of these and many other respected clients of ours: 

  • Ural Scrap Metal Company, a part of the national Metalloinvest holding;
  • Smolentsev & Partners International Corporation, specializing in management and investment consulting, business trainings and seminars;
  • Irish League of Credit Unions;
  • Dubna International University;
  • Communities for International Development – international healthcare project run with the financing of US Congress;
  • Pohjan Koti, world-famous manufacturer of timber panel houses from Finland;
  • Russian Broadcasting Company (VGTRK);
  • Uralsib Bank;
  • Shukolovo Olympic alpine skiing center;
  • Fianna Fáil, the Irish Republican party;
  • AgriProvince, the Canadian agricultural company;
  • Dmitry Koldun, the famous Russian pop and rock singer;
  • Segway Inc;
  • Host Ireland – the leading Irish web hosting provider;
  • Diagonal Mar, the Spanish real estate dealer;
  • Kochmeister, the German manufacturer of butter and other fat-systems.