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Our advantages

  • A wide range of advertising grounds

    We provide an opportunity to advertise in all the searching systems. So, you will be able to choose the most effective advertising grounds and use your budget sparingly.
  • A large list of services

    We offer a wide range of services connected to analyses of an advertising campaign. You get detailed characteristics of the visitors of the website, the information about effectiveness of the tools used. As a result, you can multiply the return of the campaign.
  • Optimization of the website start pages

    Individual recommendations on improvement start pages of the site will be given to you, and you will manage to attract new customers who used to leave your website because of its inconvenience. Consequently, the cost of attracting visitors will decrease significantly.

  • Simplicity of management

    You will be able to make numerous changes of your advertisement, include and exclude key words and phrases, track the budget expense and get regular reports.

Managing an advertising campaign

1. Launching a campaign

All our specialists are highly qualified and certified by advertising grounds (Yandex, Begun, Google Adwords). One of them will help you manage the campaign. He will choose the most suitable advertising grounds, make a list of key words and phrases and compose the advertisement. Key words are chosen individually for each client considering the specialties of the chosen ground, which allows economizing time and money. The advertisement is composed in the way that attracts the biggest segment of the auditory while minimizing the amount of unwanted visits. Moreover, we will assist you in determination the time and place of the showings to decrease expenses.

2. Simple and persistent management

We permanently track the competitors' activities. Your competitors will definitely use the advantages of context advertising, such as flexibility and unlimited amount of changes. In order to retain your position, you will have to track the changes of the market all the time. Our specialists are always at your disposal when it comes to dealing with advertising. We will use special programs and our great experience. The result will be visible almost at once. You will get to the top positions of the search and your advertisement will not become less effective. Our specialists will work out recommendations on optimization the advertising campaign. Key words that attract low-quality auditory will be crossed out, new words will be added and the text of the advertisement will be improved according to statistics of this or that tool efficiency. We will also work out recommendations on optimization the start page of your website. It is well-known that the first impression of your company is usually based on the start page of your site. Your website is your face. If a visitor cannot find the needed good, he leaves. Our specialists will help you decrease the number of such cases as well as your budget.

3. Analyses of the effectiveness

Our company disposes a wide range of tools to estimate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You will be able to get information on the course of the campaign and refund the most profitable directions. We will provide monthly reports which contain the data about:
- attendance of the website, the used links
- activity and quality of the visitors
- efficiency of the budget expenses
- dynamics of the advertising campaign
- average number of visitors per day.

Using this knowledge, you will simply adjust your campaign making emphasis on the most effective advertising grounds and key words. This happens because the report includes not only the information about expenses, but also about the return.

Call our specialist right now or fill in the form , and soon the Internet will be a useful tool to promote your business.