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Context banner


Placement of banners is one of the oldest and most often used ways of advertising in the Internet. Nevertheless, ordinary banners have become too costing and inefficient recently, and they re being replaced by context banners (media context).

The main advantages of context banner are:

  • High efficiency
  • Targeting a wide audience
  • The ability to pay for the result

    Context banner, which is really an extremely effective marketing tool, will provide you with unlimited opportunities. You will attract new visitors, increase sales, make your brand well-known and you will not have to pay for ineffective advertising.

    Context banner is a graphic block, which is shown in connection with key words corresponding with a certain topic. A professionally adjusted context banner guarantees wide coverage of audience.

    In the Russian sector of the Internet Yandex and Begun are the most popular advertising grounds. The thing is you pay by the thousand of showings. Unlike context advertisements, you don't pay for clicks in this case.

    Context banners are shown on information sites and entertaining portals, which are included to advertising networks of Yandex and Begun. The system analyses the contents of every page and, if the topic suits your advertising campaign, it shows your banner on that page.

    An important advantage of context banner is that it allows using behavior analyses of a consumer. It means that the system collects data about the visitor's preferences based on his previous behavior, and shows the banner on the pages with indefinite topic (e.g. 'Your message is sent' page) according to the data. Using context banners, you get an opportunity to fully manage your advertisements. Due to the wide range of abilities of adjustment, media context offers such a necessary flexibility of the advertising campaign. Thus, you will be able to define the time and place of showing the banner, limit the amount of showings to a single user, arrange your budget.

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