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Context advertising through Rambler

Rambler is one of the most popular searching engines in Russia. It is passed ahead only by Yandex and Google.

Special features of Rambler

Rambler is the most efficient advertising ground of the Russian sector of the Internet. According to recent polls, its auditory is mainly formed by well-off people, top managers and officials. As you see, Rambler attracts the auditory of high quality.

One can advertise on Rambler through the Begun system, which as well covers such resources as,,,, etc. There are seven advertisements on the screen, two of which are placed above the search results. The visitor sees only seven competitors, which assures efficiency. What is more, Begun provides a context call service, which allows you to pay not for a website visitor but for a call to your office. Context call means that a visitor inputs his phone number in a special window, and the system puts him through to your office. Such approach is useful when an immediate contact with a salesperson is essential, of a personal contact is more valuable than words on the screen. Depending on your needs, our specialists will work out a suitable way of advertising.

Advantages of working with Webis Group

Webis Group is a certified dealer of the Begun system. The specialists who work for our company have a great experience of dealing with Begun and dispose of all the needed knowledge to place and keep your advertisement on the top position.

Cost of the service

The cost of working out and managing an advertising campaign depends on difficulty and is estimated personally. Our consultant will help you choose the most effective way of advertising and asset its cost.

Call our specialist right now or fill in the form on the website. Tomorrow you will be on the first page of Rambler.