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Content network

Advertising in a content network

Content advertising can be divided into two groups:

  • searching advertisements (the advertisements corresponding with the request of a user, in searching systems near the results of search), aimed at motivated users;
  • theme advertisements (the advertisements placed to websites with a similar topic to your campaign) are also efficient tools to contact to the audience. 

How it works

The system analyses the content of every page included to the advertising network, and, using complicated analytic methods defines the topic to which the page is devoted. Later on, only the corresponding advertisements will be shown on the page.

Special features of content advertising

The main plus of such a method is that your advertisement is sure to be shown only to the interested users. Moreover, the advantage of such advertising is that thousands of different websites create the advertising network. Three main systems that allow advertising in this way are Yandex Direct, Google Adwords and Begun. Content advertising gives the opportunity to cover the wider target group, than advertising only in searching systems. This happens because not only those who are in search see the advertisement, but also those who are interested in the product or service in general.

Advantages of working with Webis Group

Despite all the advantages of content advertising, it should be adjusted very carefully and professionally. The thing is that wrongly composed advertisements, unskillfully adjusted properties and unprofessional filtering of content ground can to reduce the effect of all the contributions to zero. Not only objective factors (corresponding to the topic), but also psychological factors should be taken into account.

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