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Context advertising through Yandex

Advertising through Yandex is one the most efficient ways to make a product or a service well-known in Russia. Advertising is carried out through Yandex Direct system.

Special features of Yandex

There are two ways to place advertisements in Yandex:
Above the search results (special placement)
To the right of the search results

On the special placement position and on the guarantee one (4 positions on the right) there the advertisements of those, who suggested the highest price for a key word. It is important that such advertisements are shown on all the pages.

On the rotation position (the rest of the positions on the right) the advertisements of other advertisers are shown by turn.


Advantages of working with Webis Group

Our specialists are certified by the Yandex Company. We will select key words and compose the advertisements in order to attract as many potential consumers as possible, cutting off not interested users at the same time.
Working with Webis Group, you will significantly decrease expenses and many times increase sales.

Cost of the service

The cost of working out and managing an advertising campaign depends on difficulty and is estimated personally.
Our consultant will help you choose the most effective way of advertising and asset its cost.
Call our specialist right now or fill in the form on the website – and tomorrow you will be on the first page of Yandex.

If you want to learn more about context advertising, contact our specialist right now or fill in the form  on the website.